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for men and women

Immediate Placement

Drug and Alcohol Recovery Treatment

Accepting most major insurance and self-pay.  THOR Approved.


Take a deep breath and breathe.  Let us walk with you- you are not alone.


Our program is designed to ensure that you or your loved one is at the right place.  

There is Always Hope

Our unique faith-based rehab approach and specialized curriculum focus on substance use as a lifestyle-related health problem with biological, psychological, sociological, and spiritual dimensions.

Utilizing a combination of Evidence-Based treatment modalities, proven Relapse Prevention techniques, and the 12 Steps of AA, our treatment program will help you maximize your specific treatment goals.

...a place where a person regains the love for themselves, their families and God

Union Point, Georgia USA

Lavonia, Georgia USA



Treatment away from home may be the perfect solution to committing to a new drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. Our peaceful and secluded campuses make it possible to escape familiar people and places, as you heal and begin your journey to sobriety.

THOR Approved: Penfield Addiction Ministries campuses have met DCS standards regarding safety, communication with agency staff, programming, employment, and other factors.

It's OK to Ask For Help


Penfield Addiction Ministries is a THOR approved facility.

The Department of Community Supervision (DCS) Reentry Services Division contracts with Penfield Addiction Ministries to house individuals under supervision or people may otherwise experience homelessness. Penfield is audited to ensure state contract standards are met. 

Penfield Addiction Ministries has met the standards on transitional housing for people on state supervision. We have met the THOR recommendations: 

  • Provide a safe and healthy environment for residents and staff, 
  • Maintain consistent and timely resident and staff communication with supervising officers, and 
  • Deliver services that facilitate recovery from alcohol and other drugs and/or criminal lifestyles.

A THOR approved facility provides a safe, healthy, some living environment that promotes recovery from alcohol and other drug us and associated problems.

If your relationships are suffering, make a change!

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"I have a great relationship with my family now, my overall health has greatly improved and I found hope in my relationship in Christ."

"This place changed my life! Most awesome experience of my life"

"Penfield is more than just a rehab. You will make great friends with like-minded people and the memories will never be forgotten. Penfield will give you the tools you need to live life on life’s terms."

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