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What Others are saying...


Lives are restored and purposes renewed.  -JC

This is a great organization. It has saved the lives of two of my family members, and many countless more -AS

Penfield saved my life. They taught me that I worth saving. Taught me how to live clean and sober and taught me how to have relationships.  -JM

amazing program with dedicated and knowledgeable staff  -JN


There is Always Hope

  • Best rehab I've ever been too. Changed my life.  -DA

  • Penfield saved my life. Their form of therapy did more for me than any recovery center I have been in. They show tough love and real love which I believe is what an alcoholic or any form of addict needs to truly recover. It’s a daily battle but it’s so much better than the way my life was before they gave me the tools to cope with real life. The six weeks is a very short time to make the rest of your life free from drugs or alcohol. In my opinion. Thank you to the whole staff especially Bill and Ford. Love all of the staff.  -MH

  • during my stay there a few year back ago ...prior to there had been to a couple of others and none of them were close to the knowledge and respect by the staff could have been any better or put me back where I needed to be in life and closer to god that I needed to special shout out that I highly recommend is bill king he as a way and presence that could put anyone at ease and one of the most caring people I've ever met and needed in my life at the advice if you like sports because hes a good 3 point shooter but being from indiana myself it was no match for him...but on a serious note he would many times a week to take his time out of a very busy person to always open his door to me to pull me in his office or on the court to release some stress and if your takeing  the time to have read this it's a great place to go and I highly recommend it to anyone struggling were all human and fall short of the glory of the lord but the seeds that are planted and given will help you out if you happen to to end I give it a 5 star review and will meet people there in a 6 week stay that you will never forget about funny how things work out in life if your struggling with a addiction I couldn't have said everything i just did or would have if i didn't think that possitiveitly it is the right place to go it will stick to you the rest of your god bless an DC good luck on your adventure because we all have a plan in God's life and works just need to take the step to quit running what from what he has insure for you.  -SE

  • Help save my son’s life. Very kind & compassionate people. Definitely will hold them accountable.  -DM

  • Penfield is an amazing program. I had a previously bad rehab experience and was scared to try again. The people at Penfield quickly changed my mind. They guided me into restoration with God, restoration of life and helped me find peace, joy and a freedom I had never known. What started out as hopelessness, has become an amazing life working in the recovery ministry and seeing other lives changed through the grace, mercy and love of God. If you were to ask me for a recommendation for life restoration, only one name will ever come out of my mouth. Penfield! I can't say enough good about the education, the love and the dedication of the people who pour their souls into this ministry to accurately convey what an amazing place it is. They have my expressed permission to use these comments in any way and at any time they see fit. It's been almost 10 years of freedom! Forever thankful.  -TM

  • Penfield has undoubtedly changed my life and my families life as well. I’ve been to two other treatment facilities before and never finished. If you are ready to put in the work to retain long term sobriety, this place will give you the tools to do it. I spent over 5 months at the main campus and made relationships that will last a lifetime. I learned not just how to stay sober but why I started to use drugs and alcohol to begin with. They will give you a solid foundation to build on so everyday life is more manageable. The counselors and staff members are very knowledgeable and are real people who have overcome real life battles. They truly care about you, your recovery and aftercare. The food is great, country cooking with special diets when needed. The medical staff is very thorough. Facilities are always clean and sanitized daily. I will spread the Penfield name till the day I die. GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME.  -DL

  • The place that saved my life. Period. End of story.  -DT

  • not only did Penfield teach me how to live sober, it taught me how to have a real relationship with God. I'll never be able to thank Penfield enough for what they have done in my life. the staff is out of this world. They are all true servants of the Lord.  -MK

  • Penfield has given me a fresh start with the knowledge and tools needed for a life of recovery. It’s a lifetime of hard work and determination, but knowing that I need to keep my priorities in order-all things will fall in line...Remember keep God first, Recovery second, Self next and then Family.  -AN

  • I cannot thank you enough for the work you do there and everything you have done for my son!!! God bless you and every client who passes through the doors of Penfield.  -RM

  • I can’t say enough good things about the Penfield South Campus. Everyone there is so helpful, kind, and caring. I would recommend Penfield to anyone struggling with addiction!  -MT

  • I want to thank the Ministries for the work they are doing. My son has went through there program six weeks and it is amazing on his recovery. The bonds between people helping each other through difficulties in life. If you have a love one struggling with life's difficulties this ministries is the place for your love ones. My son is on the path of a long recover and the foundation they teach to help people with difficulties is amazing. I witnessed Love, Caring, challenges to overcome their difficulties. God bless the people for what they do to help people recovering.  -RJ

  • Do you have a friend or loved one with drug or alcohol addiction? This place is the place!  -GB

  • With the help of God and Penfield, I’m so happy and proud to say, I have my son back!!  SB

  • Penfield saved my sons life. He just told me yesterday that he fit in and felt comfortable in surroundings that he never thought that he would. (Meetings, church, sober living ) He has made great progress since being home. Accomplished things that he has tried to do for years. One day at a time!Thank you Penfield for giving our family back. Thank God for leading us to Penfield.  -TK

  • It's awesome it save my life just graduate sep 1 and I love every min I was there  -JR

  • I totally believe in Penfield Christian Home. God is there guiding the counselors and the men. It was a great experience! God bless Penfield  -SB

  • Thank you Penfield for helping to save my son's life by helping him understand we have a BIGGER GOD that never leaves our side & teaching him how to walk closer & to lean on our Lord for everything. We are so blessed & grateful for Penfield!  -SP

  • Penfield is such a special place set apart from all the caos of everyday life, for the purpose of recovering through the our Lord Jesus Christ. Such an amazing group of men and women who love deeply and pray faithfully. What a blessing for our communities and families across Georgia.  -LC

  • Words can't explain how Great this mighty faith based place is in my life! Penfield Christian homes saved my life, my family and my soul! Forever grateful to everyone that is a part of this place. God truly walks the halls of Penfied. Forever Greatful!  -TD

  • Words can't do justice for this program. This is God's ministry and the one thing I promise is if you go there with a desire for a better way of life you will find it. If you need help and are willing to do whatever it takes then give this program a try. Like I said I promise you that you'll find it here. I'm only one of the many life's this program has saved and just like it saved me it can also save you. God bless.  -DG

  • This place has truly saved my life !! Highly recommended !!  -KA

  • Penfield is a amazing program an through Christ an wonderful people that God puts in our lives I've been given the tools needed to put back the pieces in my life !!!  -JR

  • So impressed with this organization. Blessed by their work healing and rebuilding men, women, and families broken by addiction.  -SS

  • Im so greatful for this program, penfield saved me. I thank god for this program... without him my recovery would not be what it is today  -BQ

  • Being part of this program saved my son's life! God is Good!  -LM


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