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If you or a loved one need Rehab, contact us to discreetly speak with (or e-mail) a non-judgmental counselor to help you.  All communications are confidential.

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Love this place! They make you feel like family and they truly care about the success of everyone who goes there.


Rehab Services We Provide

It is possible to be safely admitted today, even amid COVID-19 concerns. Contact our admissions team today to find out how you may promptly gain entry.

At Penfield, our caring and qualified staff are committed to helping clients, and their loved ones begin the recovery process. To ensure that each client receives the highest level of care, we provide multiple levels of care designed to meet each client's individual needs. To help men and women accomplish their goals and live a life free from addiction, Penfield provides services at gender-separate and gender-specific treatment site locations.

Individualized Treatment Planning

We take time to get to know you on a personal level in order to provide the most personalized treatment plan possible. Comprehensive treatment plans help to pinpoint triggers that lead to substance use and offer techniques to manage these triggers once you leave the facility.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Penfield treats all substance use disorders. We carefully balance evidenced-based counseling methods, spirituality, AA/NA Principles, and education to provide care for our clients.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a process through which individuals work one-on-one with a trained clinician in a safe, caring, and confidential environment.  This form of treatment helps the client address both the symptoms and the root causes of their substance abuse.

Group Counseling
Working in a therapeutic group environment is a great way to experiment with new behaviors. The social support offered by group services allows you to see that you are not alone in this journey.

Sexual Addiction Tracks

Although sex is considered a natural part of life, when it is taken to an extreme, it can produce negative consequences. If compulsive sexual behavior is not treated, individuals may experience intense guilt and eventually develop low self-esteem.  For this reason, we offer a sexual addiction track as part of our curriculum.  

Spiritual Counseling 

Our ministry is rooted in the belief that recovery from addictive behaviors can be achieved through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As a result, clients have access to ordained Clergy and trained Lay Leaders to address their spiritual concerns and questions.

Trauma-Informed Care
Trauma-informed care acknowledges the need to understand a patient’s life experiences in order to deliver effective care and improve treatment outcomes. It shifts the focus from "What's wrong with you" to "What happend to you?"

Family Education
Substance use puts family members under a great deal of stress, disrupting routines and causing unsettling or even frightening experiences. We strive to help the entire family by facilitating the healing process and addressing problematic behaviors caused by the addiction.

Aftercare Planning
An aftercare plan is a personalized strategy for coping with the challenges you are likely to face after leaving treatment. After helping you identify your specific triggers, we will develop a plan together that will assist you in remaining proactive with daily routines, activities that help maintain sobriety, and physical and emotional self-care.

There is Always Hope


"Penfield is like summer camp where people learn to get free from drugs and alcohol."


Transitional Counseling
When individuals complete inpatient treatment, some will require additional help to maintain long-term sobriety. There are numerous options from which to choose, but what option is best for you or your loved one? With over 40-years of experience in the field of substance use treatment, we can help provide clients with the available options that will most benefit them.


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"I am alive, healthy, clean, sober, reconciled with my family, and deeply engaged with the life God has always intended me to live. Penfield made it possible. I will be forever grateful.""

"This place is like no other recovery place. It is a place of healing, of restoration, and of salvation."

"It was a very humbling experience that I will never forget. The staff was unbelievable. If you truly want to get clean, and learn how to stay clean this is the place to be.



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