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Penfield Addiction Ministries Levels of Care

Updated: Aug 22, 2023


Why Different Levels of Care?

When it comes to addiction recovery, one size does not fit all. Penfield Addiction Ministries recognizes this and offers various levels of care tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals struggling with addiction. In this blog post, we will delve into the benefits of Penfield Addiction Ministries' different levels of care, including their six-week Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program, Transitional Program, and Sober Living. Understanding the advantages of each program will help individuals and their loved ones make informed decisions on the path to lasting recovery.

Six-Week Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

The PHP program at Penfield Addiction Ministries provides intensive care for individuals requiring structured treatment. Here are some benefits of this program:

Comprehensive Treatment: PHP offers a comprehensive range of services, including individual and group therapy, medication management, counseling, and educational sessions. This holistic approach addresses the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of addiction.

Supervised Residential Care: Participants in the PHP program may elect to reside in a supervised residential setting, allowing constant support and guidance from trained staff. This level of care ensures a safe environment conducive to healing and recovery.

Access to Medical and Clinical Professionals: The PHP program provides access to medical and clinical professionals who specialize in addiction treatment. This expertise ensures each participant receives personalized care and a tailored treatment plan.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) (Women’s Campus)

The IOP program provides intensive care for individuals requiring a less structured treatment. The length of this program is based on the individual client’s needs and is 6-9 hours of treatment a week. The benefits of this program are:

Flexibility and Independence: One of the key benefits of an IOP is its flexibility. Participants can attend treatment sessions during the day or evening, allowing them to maintain their work, school, or family commitments. This enables individuals to continue fulfilling their responsibilities while actively engaging in their recovery. The independence provided by an IOP empowers individuals to take ownership of their journey and develop important life skills by managing their time effectively. At Penfield, you have to option to live on campus while attending IOP.

Key Elements of Treatment: Despite being an outpatient form of treatment, IOPs uphold the foundation of comprehensive care. Key elements of a typical IOP include: Individual Counseling, Group Therapy and Psychoeducation.

Relapse Prevention: IOPs dedicate a significant portion of the program to relapse prevention strategies. Participants gain tools and techniques to identify triggers, manage cravings, and navigate challenging situations they may encounter after formal treatment ends. This focus on relapse prevention greatly enhances the chances of successful long-term recovery.

Support Network: IOPs create an invaluable support network by connecting individuals with peers who are on a similar recovery journey. Building relationships with individuals who understand the struggles and triumphs of addiction recovery can provide immense emotional support, encouragement, and motivation.

Transitional Program

The Transitional Program offered by Penfield Addiction Ministries is designed to aid individuals in transitioning from more intensive treatment to independent living. Clients in Transitional go to work and receive 5-hours of treatment a week. Here are some key benefits:

Step-Down Approach: After completing the PHP program, individuals may not be ready to immediately return to their regular lives. The Transitional Program offers a step-down approach, allowing participants to gradually ease back into society while maintaining a supportive and structured environment.

Continued Accountability: The Transitional Program emphasizes accountability by requiring participants to adhere to a structured schedule, attend therapy sessions, and engage in support groups. This accountability helps individuals stay focused on their recovery journey.

Life Skills Development: The Transitional Program assists participants in developing essential life skills, such as finding employment, managing finances, building healthy relationships, and maintaining sobriety. These skills are crucial for long-term success in recovery.

Sober Living (Women’s Campus)

Sober Living, also known as a halfway house, bridges the gap between intensive treatment and independent living. This level of care may last as long as the client sees necessary. Below are some benefits of this unique level of care:

Peer Support: Sober living environments offer a community of individuals in recovery, fostering peer support and friendship. These connections provide a sense of belonging and understanding, reducing feelings of isolation often experienced during early recovery.

Continued Structure and Accountability: Sober living houses maintain structure and accountability by enforcing house rules, regular drug testing, and curfews. This structure helps individuals stay on track with their recovery goals and avoid triggers or relapse.

Smooth Reintegration: Sober living allows individuals to gradually reintegrate into society while still having a support network in place. This transition minimizes the risk of relapse and provides a safety net during this critical period of transition.

Penfield Addiction Ministries' different levels of care, including the six-week Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP), Transitional Program, and Sober Living, provide essential steps on the path to lasting recovery. From structured treatment and a supervised residential setting in PHP to the graduated independence and life skills development in the IOP and Transitional Program, and the support and accountability in Sober Living, each program offers unique benefits. By offering various levels of care, Penfield Addiction Ministries ensures that individuals receive the appropriate support at every stage of their recovery journey, maximizing their chances of long-term success and sobriety.


Take a deep breath and breathe. Let us walk with you- you are not alone. Our program is designed to ensure that you or your loved one is at the right place. Learn more by visiting our website at

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