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Penfield Addiction Ministries Family Education- You are not alone

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

You are not alone. Most, if not all of us, have received that call in the middle of the night. The call that verified our deepest fears that there was indeed a problem. Most of us went through the motions to resolve the immediate crisis and numbly put one foot in front of the other to take the next steps, unsure of where to put the next foot. Some of us still panic every night when we plug in the phone, worried about the next call. Some of us do not. Some of us still panic at a knock at the door.

You are not alone. We all saw the signs- some we ignored and some we addressed without impact. Feelings of helplessness gripped us as we made up the next step. In retrospect, feelings of anger drove us to say and do things that were not helpful. Feelings of sadness prompted us to not do things that might have been helpful. Occasional ambivalence let things run their natural course; most with disastrous results. Nothing we said or did had the desired impact on our loved one.

Some of us witnessed rock bottom, or what we thought was rock bottom. Several times. A few of us thought that lying to our grandbabies about where Daddy was over Christmas would be the final straw, but alas. It was not. Some of us have seen true remorse that turned into healing. Some of us have not. Some of us never got a call and never saw lives crumble as our loved one answered the wake up call.

You are not alone. Some of us are tentatively proud of our loved ones’ achievements, measuring them in days, months or, for a few, years. Some of us now can plug in the phone at night and sleep. Some of us don’t jump at every knock. All of us look forward to the time where we can have peace.

Join us. Knowing that you are not alone is a slight comfort. Understanding someone’s pain is a slight comfort. Sharing your story is a slight comfort. It all adds up. The Penfield Addiction Ministries Family Education day brings together loved ones while their loved one is being treated for addiction. Let the healing begin. For everyone.


Take a deep breath and breathe. Let us walk with you- you are not alone. Our program is designed to ensure that you or your loved one is at the right place. Learn more by visiting our website at

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